how does it work


How Does It Work?

  SEND2ME is an advanced transport management system that allows you as a customer to access the services of multiple carriers throughout Australia for the delivery of most goods1, ranging from an envelope to a truckload.

Choose Your Carrier and Choose Your Price

Our sophisticated routing and pricing engine gives you access to multiple carriers and very competitive pricing that you may not otherwise be able to obtain, along with an easy to use management console (My Dashboard) where you can have full visibility and control. Our engine can quickly analyse options from multiple carriers, and even combine multiple carriers to produce the best and most economical outcome for your requirement. Where possible we will provide you with a list of carriers and service levels to choose from, so you can select the most appropriate service based on the urgency of your needs, and be able to choose a quality carrier with confidence.

Let us do the Work

As we work on your behalf, your interaction is solely with SEND2ME, and we handle all the interaction with the carriers.

Fully Integrated Online Booking and Tracking System

Our engine is fully integrated with our carriers, and directly accesses their booking and tracking engines, while giving you a single consolidated point to book, track and manage for freight needs. 1. Please see our What We Deliver page for more details on goods that can or cannot be sent through our system.

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